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Council approves $175,000 in TIF funds for Subway relocated

Hoopeston City Council approved of a $175,000.00 TIF funds to be allocated towards the moving of the subway building to another location in hopes of placing a truck stop in that location. In a 5-2 Vote it passed and will be planned to start next spring

Yes Votes:

  • Ald Houmes
  • Ald Lawson
  • Ald Ankenbrand
  • Ald Yaden
  • Ald Wise

No Votes:

  • Ald. Goodwine
  • Ald. Florek

Ald. McElhaney was absent from the vote.


In my opinion the vote should have been accessible to the residents of Hoopeston - been made a public vote to become official. Something of such large financial needs is not something a small town such as Hoopeston is capable of funding without backlashes.
I do not think the citizens voices were truly heard when it came to an open discussion about the possibility - due to no cost predictions were stated at that time.
I do however see many things within the city of Hoopeston that the money used in this project could be directed to - infrastructure. Buildings in Hoopeston are crumbling under our feet while we do nothing to allocate funding to fix these places.
Please feel free to email me your opinion regarding this major decision brought on by the Hoopeston City Council! If you disagree with the decision you are free to contact your Alderman and voice your opinion on the matter! Let your voices be heard.

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